Atsas Silver Edition 100ml


High quality, extra virgin olive oil set. Produced in Cyprus from organically grown olives. ATSAS oil contains a particularly high concentration of biologically active components, the powerful antioxidants known as polyphenols. According to European Union regulation EC 432/2012, a product with a polyphenols’ content above 250 mg/l can be considered as nutraceutical product. Polyphenol concentration in ATSAS oil is especially high – more than 2000 mg/l. Can be used as a natural remedy for disease prevention and symptom relief.

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Atsas Silver Edition olive oil:

  • Organic
  • Early Harvest
  • Extra Virgin
  • Exceptionally High Phenolic
  • Cold Pressed, without filtering
  • Harvested by hand
  • Produced solely by Mechanical Means
  • Limited Edition

Taste profile: Spicy and fruity flavor, fresh and fruity aroma, light green color

The organic, early-harvest Atsas olive oil is a superior quality product produced in Cyprus. This oil is carefully harvested by hand, cold-pressed, using solely mechanical means. According to the European Union regulations (EC Regulation 432/2012), oil with polyphenol content above 250 mg / l can be considered a nutraceutical product. The polyphenol content in Atsas oil is extremely high – more than 2000 mg / l. Olive polyphenols are naturally occurring micronutrients. Their antioxidant abilities can play an important role in the prevention of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Olive polyphenols have shown to protect health from LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol) by preventing blood lipids from oxidative stress. Oleocanthal and oleolacin phenols have important biological activities and are related to anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective benefits.